“To Catch A Thief” released in blu-ray format today.

Paramount Pictures released a blu-ray version of Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch A Thief today.

Hitchcock made several films for Paramount in the 1950’s, including some of his most popular titles, but this is the only film in the Hitchcock catalog for which Paramount still retains the rights.

Although the story in this film is slight, it is well worth an HD viewing to appreciate Robert Burks’ Academy Award-winning color cinematography.

All the extra features from the last DVD release are here.  My only complaint is that Paramount included the commentary track by Drew Casper, but not the one by Peter Bogdanovich and Laurent Bouzereau.  I believe their light and easy-going approach to commentary was better suited to what is certainly one of Hitchcock’s lighter films.

There are now 7 titles in the Hitchcock catalog available in the blu-ray format from a major studio.  Universal and Warner Bros. own the rights to most of the major titles that have not yet been released, but word is that several (including The Birds and Dial M For Murder) may see the light of day later this year.  Here’s hoping.  In the meantime enjoy this gorgeous feast for the eyes.

Stay tuned for a review of 1936’s Sabotage.

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