Bates Motel – Episode 4: “Trust Me”

batesmotel8Trust Me – Episode 4 – Original airdate 4/8/2013

When this episode began it seemed to be a recap of how the last episode ended, with Norman breaking into Deputy Shelby’s house to try and retrieve the utility belt.    It is in part a recap, but we get more information this time.  It turns out that brother Dylan trailed Norman to Deputy Creephole’s house and saw him enter.  When the deputy, (played by Mike Vogel), returned home a moment later, Dylan acually rang the doorbell to create a diversion so Norman could escape.

This episode focuses on shifting family alliances.   Norman fills Dylan in on everything that has gone down in this wacko town, such as mommy killing Keith, and the chained-up Asian girl.  The relationship between Norman and mommy is strained.  Norman doesn’t like that his mother is “spending time” with Shelby, and who can blame him, after all he keeps women chained up in his basement.  But Shelby also has the trump card, which is that damn utility belt.  And he wants to be buddies with Norman too, inviting him on one of the most awkward fishing trips of all time.

Meanwhile Sheriff Romero (played by Nestor Carbonell), who has clearly suspected Norma Bates of being involved with the disappearance of Keith from day one, begins to tighten the legal noose around her.  (That darned Keith just won’t go away;  even from the grave he gives the sheriff a hand in his investigation.  That would be his actual, decomposing hand, sporting an easily identifiable watch that only a perv like Keith would wear.)   And as the noose tightens, her crazy comes to the forefront.   The more crazy she is, the better, as far as I’m concerned.

Also of note in this episode:  Norman gets some!  At his brother’s urging he goes to Bradley’s house late at night and she takes him into her room.  Way to go Norman.

Cringe-worthy moment:  when Norma accuses her son of being jealous of Shelby, and Norman replies “I’m not jealous, you’re not my girlfriend, you’re my mom.”    Yeah.


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One thought on “Bates Motel – Episode 4: “Trust Me””

  1. It’s getting legs, but I cannot get past the convenience of ignoring the flaming bodies over a stupid hand in the bay. How the hell do fragments of a carpet get under a fat guy’s watch, anyway?

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