Bates Motel – Episode 8: “A Boy and His Dog”

 A Boy and His Dog – Episode 8 – original airdate 5/6/2013

batesepisode8oneNorman Bates and his mother are sitting in a psychotherapists office.  The therapist says to Mrs. Bates “you seem to be a little controlling.”  It sounds like a joke, but it’s actually a deliciously juicy scene in this episode.   After the brief respite we received in the last episode, the tension begins to creep upwards again tonight, as momentum builds towards the season finale in just two short weeks.

The writers on this show have done a fantastic job with the pacing on this show, and maintaining suspense.   Even though we know that this show cannot have a happy ending for all the characters involved, all the main players are well developed, and generate sympathy.

Fans of Hitchcock’s “Psycho” who enjoy connections between the TV series and the movie will enjoy many moments in this episode.   Remember the scene in the movie when Norman sits with Marion, surrounded by birds mounted on the wall?   He says “My hobby is stuffing things.  You know, taxidermy.”  We see the birth of that hobby in this episode, inspired by the death of the dog.  Norman’s loving stare at the stuffed dog is not so much creepy as sad, in light of all he has been through.  Fans of the movie will also appreciate the reference to the highway bypass, and the line “twelve rooms, twelve vacancies.”

Meanwhile, Dylan goes on a road trip for the bossman, with his new partner.  And Mr. Abernathy is beginning to look like he will be more of a pest than Deputy Shelby ever was.


Jere Burns plays Abernathy perfectly, with a subtle, insidious undertone of evil.  Sheriff Romero puts Norma in her place, in Nestor Carbonell’s best scene yet in the series.  And dear sweet Emma continues to be dear sweet Emma.

And the final scene?  I thought I was prepared for anything, after all the shocking and bizarre images this series has shown us.  I could only utter three words:  holy freaking shit!

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